Witnesses pin Nkunduwimye on key role in planning and execution of Genocide against the Tutsi #rwanda #RwOT


The witness stated that they knew Bomboko before 1994 and often saw him with the leaders of the Interahamwe.

He revealed that he frequently observed them holding many meetings as they planned the Genocide against the Tutsi, boasting about it everywhere.

When asked about the guns it was claimed Nkunduwimye possessed, the witness confirmed seeing him with a small gun and a Kalashnikov.

He told the court that during their evacuation, they were transported in a Red Cross vehicle as if they were injured, and they particularly struggled at a checkpoint led by Bomboko, as he stopped them and held them up for a long time.

When the prosecutor asked if he knew which party Bomboko belonged to, the witness replied that he was in the MRND.

He described Bomboko as part of what they called the 'Death Squad' because he was more extreme than the Interahamwe.

The prosecutor then asked how it differed, to which he responded that the Death Squad was a group of selected killers tasked with murdering Tutsis, and they did so cruelly.

He said, 'The Interahamwe manned the checkpoints, they would participate in attacks and kill, but there was a special group trained to kill many people and to do so cruelly.'

The witness noted that during the 30th commemoration of the genocide against the Tutsi, Bomboko was often mentioned as one of the leading figures in its execution.

Another witness, aged 64, said they worked for the United Nations and had survived at the Hotel Milles Collines.

Asked about people who frequented the Hotel Milles Collines during the genocide, he mentioned that among those he saw was Emmanuel Nkunduwimye. He observed Bomboko in the Hotel Milles Collines at least eight times.

Nkunduwimye, also known as Bomboko, was accused of being a notorious murderer.

Esther Muhozi

Source : https://en.igihe.com/news/article/witnesses-pin-nkunduwimye-on-key-role-in-planning-and-execution-of-genocide

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