Employees at Kigali Marriott Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton urged to contribute to Rwanda's development #rwanda #RwOT


This message was part of Richard Collins' address to the youth, urging them to learn from history and keep in mind their country's expectations of them.

This came during an event on Wednesday, April 17, 2024, when employees of Kigali Marriott and Four Points by Sheraton Kigali commemorated the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in Gisozi.

"The progress of a country is in the hands of its youth. Particularly the youth in Rwanda, because they are truly remarkable. I travel extensively, but what I've seen among the young people here working towards advancing their country, exceeds their self-interest," Richard stated.

"This is my fourth year visiting the Memorial, and what constantly amazes me is how forgiveness, unity, and resilience have characterized the Rwandan people and how they have learned from their history to reach a better place," he added.

The event featured a testimony by Dusenge Dahlie Arlette, who works at the Kigali Marriott Hotel. She shared with her colleagues how her parents were killed, how she survived a machete wound to her cheek and also discussed her journey of rebuilding, supported by organizations established for survivors.

Pastor Antoine Rutayisire, who spoke at the event, noted that remembering also means recognizing the divine intervention that saved them, the soldiers who sacrificed themselves to stop the genocide being perpetrated against the Tutsi and those who saved others. He also recalled the poor leadership that led Rwanda into a profound tragedy, "From which many lessons were drawn," and hailed the leadership that moved Rwanda beyond those dark times.

He added, 'Let's respect everyone we meet everywhere. Remembering is also about becoming better people, distinct from who we once were. You, the new generation, learn from our mistakes and do not repeat them, which is why we remember and provide you with detailed information about what happened."

The senior management of Kigali Marriott and Four Points by Sheraton Kigali announced that in their ongoing efforts to rebuild Rwanda, they are committed to transforming the country into a tourism hub, encouraging investment, and contributing to its economy through job creation.

Dusenge Dalia Arlette sharing testimonies with her colleagues at the event.
Employees arriving at Kigali Genocide Memorial.
Artist Musinga performing at the event.
Employees at Kigali Marriott and four Points by Sheraton Kigali paid homage to over 250,000 victims laid to rest at Kigali Genocide Memorial.
Employees at Kigali Marriott Hotel and Four Points by Sheraton have been urged to contribute to Rwanda's development.
The lighting of the flames of hope was also lit at the commemoration event.
Pastor Rutayusire reminding participants that remembering is essential.
Matthias Widor, the General Manager of Kigali Marriott Hotel & Four Points by Sheraton Kigali.
Richard Collins, the Area Vice President for Sub-Saharan Africa, has called on all employees of the Kigali Marriott and Four Points by Sheraton Kigali, to recognize that the development of their country lies in their hands.

Esther Muhozi

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