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A team of five Rwandan soldiers was welcomed by General Muhoozi and the Director of Ugandan Military Intelligence, Major General James Birungi, at the military base in Mbuya on April 17, 2024.

They discussed the cooperation between the armies of both countries as well as regional security, particularly concerning the ongoing conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

General Muhoozi received the Rwandan soldiers shortly after nearly a month of being appointed the Chief of Uganda's Defence Forces, succeeding General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi.

When relations between the two countries were previously strained, General Muhoozi played a significant role in revitalizing them in early 2021 by visiting Rwanda, which proved fruitful as it restored good relations.

The son of President Yoweri Museveni often emphasized that Rwanda and Uganda are brotherly nations, and thus should trade and visit each other without hindrances.

He also stated that cooperation should not stop there but that the militaries should also collaborate to address security threats to them and the region.

General Muhoozi last visited Rwanda in April 2023, where President Kagame and Mrs. Jeannette Kagame hosted him at a dinner to celebrate his birthday.

At that time, President Kagame thanked him for his role in rejuvenating the relationship between Rwanda and Uganda.

He said, 'We see peace between our countries. You can have peace without being friends, but now I think we have both. We are friends and we have peace. Thank you, General Muhoozi, for your role in this, for being the bridge that connected both sides.'

In 2022, when General Muhoozi celebrated his birthday, he invited President Kagame to the festivities in Kampala, Uganda, marking a significant symbol of the restored relations between Uganda and Rwanda.

Major General Nyakarundi led a group of Rwandan soldiers to Uganda.
General Nyakarundi was welcomed along with his delegation.

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