Senator Uwizeyimana criticizes Tshisekedi's approach and draws parallels with Habyarimana in addressing Eastern DRC crisis #rwanda #RwOT


Tshisekedi stated that the M23, active in North Kivu since 2012, is not a group of Congolese but rather Rwandans provoking his country, aiming for activities including plundering natural resources.

This contradicts the claims of M23's leadership, explaining that during 2020 and 2021 in Kinshasa, the DRC government found M23 fighters on the list of national soldiers, with some still receiving salaries.

In an interview with IGIHE, Uwizeyimana described M23 as mainly consisting of Congolese who speak Kinyarwanda and are of Tutsi ethnicity, present in DRC territory due to borders drawn by colonial powers up to 1895.

He pointed out that Tshisekedi's characterization of M23 fighters as Rwandans is a significant mistake that will not aid in resolving the conflicts in Eastern DRC.

"If borders were arbitrarily drawn, and those enclosed within them ended up in Congo, it should be straightforwardly understood without any issues that these people are Congolese. To say they are Rwandans who should be sent back home is the first and foremost error made by the Congolese government," he said.

Uwizeyimana mentioned that Tshisekedi's words remind him of those spoken by Habyarimana in October 1990, when Rwandans forming the RPA-Inkotanyi initiated a campaign against the Ex-FAR from Uganda, where they lived as refugees.

The reasons that led Inkotanyi to start this struggle included paving the way for Rwandan refugees Habyarimana had banned from returning and to stop the genocidal acts against Tutsis based on the prevailing racial discrimination policy in Rwanda.

The lawyer recalled, "It immediately reminds me of something Juvénal Habyarimana once did with the then Foreign Minister, Casimir Bizimungu. When Inkotanyi attacked, he had said that it was Uganda who attacked."

He continued, "His minister was saying he wanted to talk with Uganda because it was attacking them, but later, as the situation revealed itself, it became clear that he had issues with the Rwandan refugees who were prevented from returning until they decided to take up arms to return by force."

Tshisekedi and the members of the DRC government refused to talk with M23, explaining that they wanted to talk with Rwanda as they believe Rwanda is hiding behind this armed group. Uwizeyimana clarified that these words are similar to those previously spoken by Bizimungu.

Senator Uwizeyimana stated that in war, the weaker side should humble itself and accept negotiations. He believes this is how the DRC government should act since M23 has overpowered them, capturing many areas in North Kivu.

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