Yoweri the Coward



Once upon a time in the village of Kulambiro, there lived a young man named Yoweri. Yoweri was known for his great intelligence and kind heart, but he was also known for being very timid and afraid of almost everything.

Yoweri's fear was so intense that he would often refuse to leave his home, even to go to the market or visit his friends. This worried his family and friends greatly, as they knew that Yoweri had so much potential but his fear was holding him back.

One day, the village was attacked by a fierce dragon that had been terrorizing the land. The villagers were in a state of panic, not knowing how to defend themselves against the dragon's wrath. Yoweri, despite his fear, knew that he had to do something to help his people.

With shaking legs and a pounding heart, Yoweri stepped forward and confronted the dragon. To everyone's surprise, Yoweri's bravery and quick thinking helped him defeat the dragon and save the village.

From that day on, Yoweri was no longer known as the coward. Instead, he was celebrated as a brave hero who had conquered his fears to protect his home. Yoweri's story spread far and wide, inspiring many others to overcome their fears and embrace their inner strength.

Yoweri's bravery had not only saved his village but had also transformed him into a courageous and respected leader. And so, Yoweri's tale served as a reminder that even the most timid among us can find the courage to face their fears and accomplish great things.

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