The Step-Brother that Intoxicated the Maid and got her fired #Rwanda #RwOT


Once upon a time, in a grand estate, there lived a wealthy family with a step brother named Victor. He was notorious for his rebellious nature and disregard for rules. One day, he decided to buy alcohol for the housemaid, Maria, in hopes of gaining her favor. 

Maria, unaware of the consequences, accepted the gift, believing it was a harmless token of appreciation. Victor's intentions, however, were far from innocent. He had a hidden motive to get Maria fired, as he despised her for her strict adherence to the household rules. 

As Maria began consuming the alcohol, her behavior changed dramatically, and she started neglecting her duties. The head of the household, noticing the sudden change in Maria's behavior, called for an investigation. 

Upon discovering the source of her intoxication, Maria was promptly fired from her position. With Maria's dismissal, the family was left without a suitable replacement, resulting in chaos within the estate. Victor, on the other hand, reveled in his success, believing that he had finally gotten rid of the despised housemaid.

However, his actions had far-reaching consequences. The family, now aware of Victor's deceitful nature, began to distance themselves from him, causing him to feel isolated and alone. Ultimately, Victor's malicious act led to the downfall of both Maria and himself. While Maria struggled to find employment in a society that frowned upon her actions, Victor was left with a tarnished reputation and a family that no longer trusted him.

The once grand estate, now filled with chaos and mistrust, served as a constant reminder of the destructive power of deceit and betrayal.

Author :  Loo babadoo

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