President Félix Tshisekedi has been asked for explanations after the capture of Kanyabayonga. #rwanda #RwOT


Kanyabayonga, located in the Lubero territory of North Kivu province, was seized on the afternoon of June 28, 2024, following nearly a month of fighting between M23 fighters and the Congolese army on its outskirts.

After capturing Kanyabayonga, M23 fighters drove the Congolese army out of their positions in Kirumba, forcing them to retreat towards Butembo, considered the second wealthiest city in North Kivu after Goma.

On the evening of June 29, President Tshisekedi held an urgent military meeting to discuss how the government could reclaim Kanyabayonga and other areas taken by M23. Following the meeting, the President assured the public that he would take all necessary measures to remove these fighters from the occupied areas.

Prince Epenge, the spokesperson for LAMUKA, stated that Tshisekedi must clarify his plans to reclaim the territories controlled by M23 and to prevent the group from capturing additional areas.

Epenge said, "The LAMUKA coalition demands Mr. Tshisekedi provide an explanation to inform us about what he is doing in the east and what he plans to do to ensure that such incidents do not recur."

Epenge further mentioned that the DRC government has a responsibility to ensure the safety of its citizens so they can engage in livelihood and development activities without being hindered by armed groups, including the ADF from Uganda and the FDLR opposing the Rwandan government.

"The people want to go to their fields, but they need assurance that they won't be beheaded or killed by the ADF and FDLR," he stated.

Kanyabayonga is a crucial area as it serves as a commercial hub in North Kivu province. It joins other regions captured by M23, including the city of Bunagana and the Rubaya area, which is rich in Coltan, a valuable mineral.

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