The Wife that said her husband work is worthless #Rwanda #RwOT



The aroma of burnt toast hung heavy in the air, a testament to Amelia's distracted state. Michael, hunched over his coffee, watched her pace the kitchen, her brow furrowed in a familiar frown.

"You know," she began, her voice tight, "it's just… it's just not enough, Michael."

Michael lowered his mug, the coffee growing cold in his hand. "What isn't enough, Amelia?"

"This," she gestured vaguely at their modest apartment, "this life. We work so hard, but where does it get us? You spend all your time on that… that website of yours, and what for?"

Michael's website, "The Wanderer's Guide," was his passion. He poured his heart into researching obscure historical sites and creating detailed travelogues, hoping to inspire people to explore the world. He knew it wasn't a career path that would bring wealth, but it brought him joy.

"Amelia, it's not about the money," he tried to explain, his voice strained. "It's about… about sharing my passion, about making a difference."

"Making a difference?" she scoffed, "Making a difference in what? Nobody reads your website, Michael. It's just a… a hobby, a distraction."

Her words hit him like a punch. He'd always known that his website wasn't a money-maker, but to have his wife dismiss it as meaningless… it stung.

The silence in the apartment was thick with unspoken words. Amelia, sensing his hurt, softened her tone. "I'm just… I'm just worried, Michael. I want us to have a good life, a comfortable life. We deserve that."

"And we will," Michael said, his voice low, "but not by sacrificing what matters to me. It's not about the money, Amelia, it's about finding our happiness."

He stood up, the unspoken message clear. He wouldn't let his passion be crushed, even if it meant confronting his wife's insecurities. Amelia watched him leave, a flicker of doubt in her eyes.

As Michael stepped out into the morning sunshine, the city's bustle seemed to drown out the sting of his wife's words. He took a deep breath, the cool air filling his lungs. He knew he couldn't control Amelia's opinion, but he could control his own happiness. He would continue to write, to share his love for history and travel, even if it meant navigating a difficult path with his wife. 

The future was uncertain, but one thing was clear: he wouldn't compromise his dreams, not for anyone. He would find his own way, even if it meant walking it alone. 

Author :  Bob Bambula

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