The Step brother who mocked the pepper #Rwanda #RWOT


Once upon a time, in a small peaceful village, there lived a brother-in-law named Marc who loved to tease everyone. One day, during a village festival, Marc found himself in front of a stall of colorful vegetables. He saw a beautiful bright red pepper and decided to have a little fun.

He approached the pepper and started talking to it: "Hey, pepper, you're so red that you look like you've got a sunburn!" The people around burst out laughing when they heard Marc making fun of the inanimate vegetable.

The pepper, even if he couldn't answer, seemed to look at Marc with a mocking look. He, taking this as a challenge, continued to joke with the pepper, telling him jokes and throwing him imaginary challenges.

Eventually, the people of the village joined in the joke and the scene became a moment of good humor and shared joy. Marc then realized that even by gently making fun, he could bring happiness to others and that sometimes, it's good not to take yourself too seriously.

Since that day, the red pepper has become the symbol of village festivals, reminding everyone that even the simplest things can bring joy and conviviality. And Marc, the prankster brother-in-law, learned to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, even if he had to make fun of a pepper for it.

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