Capacity of King Faisal Hospital increase fourfold #rwanda #RwOT


Post-expansion, the hospital will renovate its existing structures to specialize in pediatric and women's health, while maintaining its existing services. This significant upgrade is supported by funds from the Rwandan Government and international partners.

Frederic Ngirabacu, the Deputy CEO of KFH, highlighted the project's focus on enhancing treatment for non-communicable diseases and expanding the hospital's capacity to meet patient demands projected over the next three decades.

The plans also include broadening organ transplant services beyond the current kidney transplants to potentially include liver and pancreas transplants after thorough planning and preparation.

Ngirabacu emphasized the ongoing training of Rwandan doctors in kidney transplants as a foundation for future expansions in organ transplant capabilities. The new hospital layout will feature 600 additional beds, divided equally between single-patient rooms and double occupancy, reducing infection risksâ€"a direct response to lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The expansion strategy aligns with a long-term vision to address both current and future health challenges. Specialized departments for heart disease and advanced cancer treatment facilities, including imaging and radiation therapy machines, will be key features of the expanded hospital.

With a current staff of over 800, including 600 medical practitioners and 80 specialists, the hospital expects these numbers to rise as it scales up to meet the growing healthcare needs of Rwanda.

The hospital is set to increase its capacity from 167 beds to 770 rooms.
Representatives from different construction companies in Rwanda were shown the plot of land designated for the hospital's expansion.
Construction plans to expand the King Faisal Hospital (KFH) in Rwanda are set to commence before the end of 2024.

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