We only act when trouble is brought on us – Kagame #rwanda #RwOT


'By nature, Rwanda's security posture has always been defensive, not offensive. We prioritize cooperation and working together and we only act when trouble is brought on us,' he said.

The Head of State was speaking before thousands of Rwandans and friends of Rwanda gathered at the newly renovated 45,000 seater Amahoro stadium to mark 30 years of Liberation.

The national celebrations were marked with a military parade by the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) and Rwanda National Police, cultural dance by the national cultural troupe Urukurereza, and performances by different artistes.

It is this army that first encountered most Rwandans after the Genocide when the situation in the country was still extremely tense and dangerous. Yet, the forces did everything in their power to treat all Rwandans with professionalism and humanity, setting the tone of everything that followed.

Even today, they remain close to the community, and invest in projects that matter to the country's development, such as infrastructure and medical services.

Subsequently, Rwandans have attained values and courage, an endpoint of the liberation struggle that has put citizens at the center of government action.

In that spirit, President Kagame expressed gratitude to those who liberated the country and honored those who sacrificed their lives in the process.

'On July the 4th, we express our thanks to those who liberated Rwanda, and remember those who gave their lives. Our army and security forces are a powerful symbol of unity and safety,' he said.

Three decades ago, the venue for these celebrations was the site of refuge and rescue. From the surrounding neighborhoods, Rwandans flowed to Amahoro stadium for safety.

Today, strides have been made, offering the freedom and the opportunity for Rwandans to live the lives they want. It is therefore not surprising that wherever life takes them; they will never forget their duty to uphold the good politics that have been built.

In his address, Kagame emphasized that Rwandans today are better and stronger than ever before, a reason to keep marching forward to continue growing Rwanda's uniqueness.

'Even though Rwandans have made huge strides towards this mindset, we must remain vigilant. I am addressing this message in particular to Rwanda's young people, especially those born over the last thirty years,' he said.

'This country is yours to protect, defend, and make prosperous. It is worth repeating that real liberation only begins when the guns fall silent. We began that stage thirty years ago, and we are counting on you, the liberation generation, to take us further,' he called out to the youths.

The President reminded the world that where there is a need for humanitarian action, Rwanda will not be absent emphasizing that the only real answer to any humanitarian crisis is to fix the root cause of the political problem.

He lashed out at critics who even try to spoil what has been established saying that those negative efforts produce no results.

According to him, the solid foundation upon which Rwanda was rebuilt is the driving force to remain principled and consistent, a product of hard work and civic values that will define the next generation of Rwandans.

President Paul Kagame addressing the gathering at Amahoro Stadium during Liberation Day celebrations on 4th July 2024
The crowd stood up in honour as the the National Anthem was sang at the national Liberation Day celebrations
The Army band positioned in a 30-format potrait signifying the 30 years since Rwanda's Liberation
A team of RDF officers arrives at Amahoro stadium with national instruments including the national flag

Sam K Nkurunziza

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