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This prestigious recognition highlights the quality, dedication, and innovation that characterize Silverback Tea, making it a standout in the global tea market.

Gisovu Tea Estate.

Tea has been a significant part of Rwanda's economy since its introduction in the 1950s. The country's ideal climate, fertile volcanic soil, and high altitude create perfect conditions for cultivating premium tea. Over the decades, Rwandan tea has gained international acclaim for its unique flavour profiles, vibrant colour, and health benefits.

Named after the majestic mountain gorillas that inhabit Rwanda's volcanic ranges, Silverback Tea embodies strength, resilience, and the natural beauty of Rwanda. Established to produce high-quality tea that honours its origins, Silverback Tea's, mission is to share the joy of the finest from Rwanda with the world.

Silverback Tea Company estates comprise some of the top Rwandan tea gardens namely Rugabano Tea Company Pvt Ltd, Gisovu Tea Company, and Pfunda Tea Company. Each of these companies has a unique attribute suited for the production of high-quality tea that is rich, flavorful, complex, and full of character.

Gisovu Tea Factory awarded the 1st Factory of the Year 2024 trophy.

Awards and Recognition

Some of the notable awards and recognition that Silverback Tea company has received include:

1. Rugabano Tea Company PvT Ltd: Currently holds the highest average made tea selling price in Rwanda as of April 2024, at 4.09 USD per Kg, according to NAEB's data.

2. Gisovu Tea Company Ltd: Awarded the 1st Factory of the Year 2024 trophy during the International Tea Day Celebrations in Rwanda.

3. Pfunda Tea Company Ltd. D1: Recognized as the Best D1 in its category during the National Tea Tasting event, facilitated by NAEB, and awarded a trophy.

4. Gisovu Tea Company Ltd. PF1: Recognized as the Best PF1 in its category during the National Tea Tasting event, facilitated by NAEB, and awarded a trophy

5. Pfunda Tea Company Ltd: Honored to host the International Tea Day Celebrations in Rwanda.

6. Gisovu Tea Company Ltd: Recognized by the East Africa Tea Trade Association (EATTA) as the top producer in terms of average price per year in 2023, according to the EATTA annual report.

7. Pfunda Tea Company Ltd: Ranked 8th top producer in terms of average price per year in 2023 by EATTA.

8. Gisovu Tea Company Ltd: Recognized by EATTA for having the highest-priced tea in 2023, at 6.84 USD per Kg, an achievement shared with another top Rwandan garden.

9. All Silverback Tea Gardens: Recognized by the Gender Monitoring Office of the Republic of Rwanda, the Private Sector Federation, UNDP, and UN Women for promoting gender accountability through the Gender Equality Seal Certification Programme.

Quality and Sustainability

Silverback Tea's commitment to quality begins at the very sourceĆ¢€"the tea gardens. The company employs sustainable farming practices to ensure that the tea is not only of superior quality but also environmentally friendly. The handpicked leaves are processed using traditional methods combined with modern technology, preserving the rich flavours and aromas that distinguish Silverback Tea.

One of the key reasons Silverback Tea has garnered such high praise is its distinctive flavour profile. The tea is known for its bright, brisk character with a harmonious balance of sweetness and astringency. The high-altitude growing conditions impart unique notes of floral and citrus, making each sip a delightful experience. Whether enjoyed as a morning energizer or a calming evening brew, Silverback Tea which is rich in theanine offers a versatile and exquisite taste.

Tea farmers from Gisovu during the International Tea Day event.

Recognition by NAEB

The National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) plays a crucial role in promoting Rwanda's agricultural products on the global stage. Each year, the NAEB evaluates the country's agricultural exports, recognizing the finest products that meet stringent quality and sustainability standards.

Impact on the Local Community

The company's success translates into economic benefits for the farmers, providing better livelihoods and supporting community development projects. Silverback Tea invests in local education through ECDs and infrastructure, tea tasting events which are open tea enthusiasts fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for its workers and their families.

Delegates taste Silverback Tea during the International Tea Day 2024.

Availability in Local Markets

Silverback Tea has expanded its availability in local markets. Tea enthusiasts can now purchase Silverback Tea at several prominent retail locations, including Simba Supermarket, Tuma250, The Hut Supermarket, Silverback Kigali office and other supermarkets across Rwanda. This increased accessibility allows more people to enjoy the unique flavors and superior quality of Silverback Tea.

For those seeking a tea that is not only delightful in taste but also rooted in a story of dedication and excellence, Silverback Tea stands as the finest choice.

'Silverback tea greatly appreciates the business friendly climate of Rwanda which allows us to thrive and focus on delivering the highest quality tea,' stated Mr. Rudra Chatterjee, the Chairman of Silverback Tea Company Ltd.


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