Kagame excites Gicumbi residents with Ugandan dialect #rwanda #RwOT


'Abanyabuzare ba Gicumbi muriyo? Muriyo njye? Mwebare kwija, nashemererwa kubareba omubwingi,' he said, throwing everyone into prolonged laughter and excitement.

This is translated as, 'How are you my relatives from Gicumbi? I hope you are well. I am happy to see you today in large numbers.'

Rwanda shares a border with Uganda at Gatuna (Gicumbi district) and Rukiga is the local language used in Kabale, the border town on the Ugandan side.

While in Gicumbi, Kagame held an interactive discussion with various content creators at Mulindi, where RPF and its army wing, RPA, were headquartered during the liberation struggle in the 1990s.

He later hit the campaign trail where he thanked supporters for tirelessly participating in the development of their district.

Kagame told the gathered residents, mainly from Gicumbi, Rulindo, and Burera districts how he had fondly missed them and thanked them for coming out in large numbers to support him.

He reminded them that on July 15, 2024, there would be the task of electing the President, he had all his hopes in them to make the right choice.

The incumbent head of state explained to the residents that the elections signify the continued journey of building Rwanda for the past 30 years, which is based on maintaining the security of this country.

He said, "Building ourselves starts with security, protecting what we build and protecting our people. Development is based on good ideas and governance that leaves no one behind. In the politics of the RPF and the other political parties we work with, we leave no one behind and invite everyone to participate in activities that promote personal and national growth."

Kagame noted that poverty, ignorance, and disease had ended with those who had destroyed the country many years ago, stressing that the youth, in particular, had a very crucial role in building the country.

He implored them to work together to bring Rwanda to the level of development of advanced countries.

He recalled being in Gicumbi while leading the struggle to liberate Rwanda that began in 1990, thanking them for sticking to the true principles of good governance.

'You are building the city, and I have been told that most of you are engaging in modern farming. But let me tell you, the best is yet to come! That is where we are headed,' he said.

In his keynote address, Kagame told the people of Gicumbi that the development they desire is within reach, thanks to their cooperation, strength, intelligence, and knowledge, especially from the youth.

The residents also responded in the affirmative. "We are Kagame's lions and forever we shall be,' they chanted.

A resident of Gicumbi and member of the RPF Inkotanyi, Mukarwego Alphonsine, conveyed greetings from fellow parents to the Head of state, who responded in acceptance assuring them of his commitment to move the country forward.

He said, "You will not lack anything from us. You have worked hard, after that voting day, kindly invite me back and I will not hesitate. I will come back to celebrate with you. The bond we together remains the same.'

Over 250,000 residents gathered to hear from the President and all of them left overjoyed and excited.

During his campaign on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, RPF Inkotanyi Presidential candidate Paul Kagame threw supporters into prolonged exuberant excitement and laughter when he started addressing them in Rukiga, a local dialect used in Uganda.

Sam K Nkurunziza

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