German lawmaker urges gov't to adopt UK's scrapped Rwanda migration scheme #rwanda #RwOT


The spokesperson for Germany's center-right CDU/CSU faction says the government should utilize the preparatory efforts undertaken by the U.K. to enhance their own preparations for the deal.

According to him, since Rwanda was ready to work with European countries on migration cooperation, the termination of the U.K. deal means more "capacity" for Germany.

'We should stick to the plan, and make use of the preparations our British partners made for it,' the member of the German Parliament for Heilbronn told a local publication.

The lawmaker is among members of former Chancellor Angela Merkel's CDU/CSU faction who have been promoting a proposal for offshore processing of asylum seekers, similar to the scheme adopted by the former UK PM Rishi Sunak's Conservative Party in the UK. Italy also has a similar plan in the pipeline with Albania.

Throm's proposal comes two months after another CDU lawmaker, Jens Spahn, spoke highly of the relations between Germany and Rwanda following his meeting with President Paul Kagame in Kigali, hinting at hopes for future cooperation.

'We had the great honor of exchanging views with Rwanda's President Paul Kagame for two hours - discussing current global challenges, the migration agreement with the UK, and the good cooperation between Rwanda and Germany. We aim to further expand this. Thanks for that privilege, Mr President,' Spahn said in a post on X in May.

Immigration, especially irregular immigration and asylum, is viewed as a major issue in Germany.

To address the problem, Chancellor Olaf Scholz agreed in principle in late 2023 to explore the idea of offshore processing of asylum claims. Already, the proposal is said to have received support from many senior figures in state government, including the Bavarian Home Affairs Minister Joachim Herrmann.

However, more effort is needed to secure endorsement of the scheme from two of the three parties in the country's governing coalition. Both the Greens and Scholz's Social Democrats oppose the idea, while the center-right FDP is in favour.

In the UK, the migration scheme aimed to deter illegal migrants from arriving using small boats across the English Channel by moving the migrants to Rwanda. However, the Labour Party differed with the Conservatives over the effectiveness and cost of the plan.

A day after the new UK prime minister confirmed plans to terminate the agreement, the Rwandan government reaffirmed its commitment to addressing the global migration crisis.

In a statement released Monday, July 8, 2024, the Office of the Government Spokesperson said that nothing will stand in their way while trying to find solutions to the global migration crisis.

'We remain committed to finding solutions to the global migration crisis, including providing safety, dignity, and opportunity to refugees and migrants who come to our country," the Government stated.

Alexander Throm says the government should utilize the preparatory efforts undertaken by the U.K. to enhance their own preparations for the deal.

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