The Woman that hated instagram #Rwanda #RwOT


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Marie who hated Instagram more than anything. For her, this social network was a source of stress, comparison and superficiality. Every time she saw the perfectly filtered images of her friends and influencers she followed, she felt bad about herself.

Marie felt like her life was no match for that of others. She constantly compared herself, wondering why her house wasn't as well decorated, why her body wasn't as thin, why her life wasn't as exciting.

With each publication, she felt a pang of jealousy and dissatisfaction. She got to the point where she spent more time scrolling on her Instagram feed than living her own life. Her days were filled with anxiety about missing an important post or not getting enough likes.

One day, Marie decided to take a break. She completely disconnected from Instagram and decided to devote herself to activities that truly brought her happiness. She began to paint, to read, to spend time with her loved ones, to enjoy the present moment.

Little by little, Marie felt lighter, freer. She realized that life was not a competition, that happiness was not measured in likes and followers. She understood that authenticity and simplicity were much more valuable than the artificial perfection displayed on Instagram.

And thus, Marie found inner peace and true happiness, far from the filters and staging of virtual life. She had finally learned to love herself as she was, without seeking approval from others on social media.


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