Gen (Rtd) Ibingira shares account of soldier's execution following murder in romantic rejection #rwanda #RwOT


In Rwanda's security apparatus, collaboration with the populace occurs without intimidation, fostering a culture of disciplined interaction both domestically and internationally, where Rwandan forces contribute to peacekeeping missions.

A study conducted by the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB), tasked with promoting good governance and monitoring service delivery, highlights security as the foremost pillar, with a rating of 93.63%.

Addressing workers from the National Rehabilitation Service, the Office of the Ombudsman, and the National Electoral Commission during the 30th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsis, Gen (Rtd) Fred Ibingira emphasized the soldier's authority to make decisions while on duty.

Illustrating with an incident in Nyanza, Gen (Rtd) Ibingira recounted how a soldier, after being rejected by a girl, resorted to violence, eventually leading to her death. In response, the soldier was executed by hanging him on a tree, as a demonstration of maintaining discipline within the ranks.

"We administered punishment through hanging and shooting to ensure discipline within our forces," Gen (Rtd) Ibingira affirmed, citing the existence of an ethics committee and a court martial to address misconduct.

Attributing the restoration of peace in Rwanda to divine intervention, Gen (Rtd) Ibingira stressed the importance of leadership in upholding discipline, particularly during turbulent times such as the genocide.

Recognizing the doubts that soldiers harbored during the genocide, Gen (Rtd) Ibingira expressed gratitude for divine intervention, averting further catastrophe and enabling visionary leaders under the command of President Paul Kagame to restore order and humanity.

In emphasizing the ethos of non-discrimination within the RPA forces, Gen (Rtd) Ibingira underscored the importance of treating all individuals equally, regardless of ethnicity.

He urged citizens with national responsibilities to excel and contribute to the nation's progress, emphasizing that their actions are pivotal indicators of Rwanda's development.

Gen (Rtd) Ibingira also implored the youth to uphold the nation's values, shunning discrimination and genocide ideologies, recognizing that the future of the country rests in their hands.

Gen (Rtd) Fred Ibingira disclosed that a soldier who committed atrocities was hanged and shot dead.

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